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Beep, Beep, SMASH… it happened again. Sleep came too late and the morning way too early. Now the battle with your snooze button begins. You quickly decide that once or twice is okay, three times is pushing it… by the fourth time you explode out of bed in a panic and the rest of your day follows in a frenzied daze, wishing you could just blow up your alarm clock and sleep the week away. Do you ever find yourself wishing there was a better way to go about this whole waking up thing we’re all obligated to do? You are in luck, here’s three ways to start fighting back against groggy mornings followed by lackluster days.

1) STRETCH – Your body actually paralyzes you during your sleep to keep you from acting out that awesome MMA video game you played until midnight on your significant other while you snooze. Whether you’re sleeping 5 hours or 8 hours… 12 hours? Well, that’s a lot of time spent in a zombie state without fluids or nutritional intake. So your joints and muscles are stiff and contracted. By integrating a simple stretch routine immediately after waking, you will begin circulating blood into your muscles and lubricating your joints for the day’s activities. Start with something simple and see what works for you, Example: 1) Take three deep breathes in through your nose and out your mouth. 2) Rub your hands and feet together to activate your nerve endings then stretch your hands and feet out while breathing deeply. 3) Pull your knees to your chest and gently rock side to side massaging your spine and kicking up your circulation. 4) Drop your knees to the left and look toward your right arm while stretching it out, then repeat on the opposite side. 5) Gently rock back and forth on your spine a few times with your knees tucked in, then come sitting up… now you’re awake and out of bed before you know it!

2) HYDRATE – Again, you have been a character in your own zombie dream all night... and you are just as dehydrated. Your body is made mostly of water (around 72%) and as soon as you wake it is time to hydrate! Water is fundamental for most bodily functions and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel after incorporating a simple 8-16oz glass of water immediately after waking. Water helps the brain function, helps kidneys detoxify the body, it can even increase your metabolism up to 24% for 90 minutes after drinking a glass!

3) ENERGIZE – Another thing your body has been dreaming about all night is the nutrition you’re going to hook it up with in the morning. You’ve probably heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day… whether you’re the breakfast type or not, your body needs fuel to function. One great way to give your body what it needs is with B Vitamins. B12 plays a vital role in burning fats and carbohydrates for energy and B6 can help improve your mood. Other B Vitamins help preserve vision, strong bones, brain function, and can prevent cardiovascular disease. Taking a high quality supplement that provides essential vitamins with your morning intake of water can supercharge your morning and keep you going strong all day.

LIVE – The alarm clock seems to have an unfair advantage, since it gets to go back to sleep every day and you have to go to work. But, you now have a few simple tools to stack the deck and start winning your mornings back. Starting off your morning right will set you up for a great day, enough of those and you’ll end up with a great life too. When you hydrate and energize first thing in the morning, the living part becomes easy. If you’re looking for a way to make this whole process even easier and more enjoyable, try Fighter Energy effervescent energy drink tablets. Simply drop one tablet in 8oz of water and it will dissolve into a crisp, refreshing energy drink with no sugar and just 5 calories with no shaking or stirring. It has the B Vitamins your body craves and a powerful blend of ingredients including Taurine that will have you out the door and on with your life before you know it. You can buy Fighter Energy now at Amazon.com and get Free 1-2 day Prime shipping anywhere in the United States. Win the battle for your morning with Fighter Energy, For the Fighter in You!

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